What We Do

Dream of Hope Foundation strives to equip our society’s most vulnerable and poorest with tools, provisions and support in order for them to fulfil their dreams of gaining a sustainable future. As a result of the dedication and commitment, we have witnessed so many parents and guardians regain their dignity, increase in the development of themselves, their contributions and stance within their communities and get back on their feet to become a master of their own destiny.

Giving Hope to the Less Privileged

Donations to our initiatives has enabled us to reach out to an abundance of disadvantaged children and support families through education and empowerment initiatives to move on up from the poverty cycle that engulfs them. By addressing and understanding the social, economical and financial constraints that they are facing and working hand in hand with each individual that we come across we are able to observe their tenacity and drive for independence and witness how day by day the your sustainable development initiatives are enabling them to gradually see the ‘dreams come true’.

Our Impact in Figures

Our reports show that we have an average of 78% attendance and 72% punctuality record for the enrollment of our children in to our partnering schools.

During their first year of formal education, hospital visits of our children have been seen to decrease by 40% after the first 2-3 medical visits the children are taken on.

Overall 60% of participants of our empowerment initiatives are no longer listed as ‘In desperate need’ of our DOH food and provision packages. The impact of the these initiatives has ensured that they can sustain and fend for themselves to an extent that they only need a basic package after we support them, for an average of 8 months, running their small scale businesses.

The attendance of our Reading clubs and Classroom without walls initiatives are ever growing, uniting good willing volunteers with those in need of one on one reading lessons. Both groups get to enjoy the social and educational benefits of these initiatives and a real ways excited for each session!

Contribute to changing the life of a child in Africa

We are an NGO with activities directed towards meeting the needs of the most vulnerable and less priviledged. Our objectives include promoting the interest of the poor, providing them with basic social services among others.


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