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Dream of Hope Foundation is dedicated to six areas of focus which are directed towards meeting the needs of the most vulnerable and less fortunate, living in our society. The majority of our beneficiaries are those whose lives were threatened or in danger and therefore fled their states, majorly Borno, in hope of a better life in Lagos.


This program sees us identifying underprivileged children, especially those who have never experienced formal education, those who are left to roam the streets of Lagos, those who are subjected to child labour during school hours and enrolling them into any one of our partnering local schools. Donations are highly appreciated to sponsor a child's education as an individual or to simply support our fund to identify, prepare and enrol as many children as we can afford. It costs us 15,000 – 25,000N (42 - 70 USD) to send a child to (primary or secondary) school for a year.

Reading Club

This program sees our volunteers support our children's learning and development by assisting us in our after school and weekend Reading Club. Sessions are carried at 3 points within 'Hidden Lagos', the children are gathered together and get to enjoy reading one-on-one and in groups, story time, singing and refreshments. Like any sort of extra curricular activities, Reading Club is of both social and educational enjoyment for our society's poorest children. Donations to this initiative enable us to cover the safety and transportation of our children to each session, get up to date and age appropriate literature to read and discuss, supply books for the children to take home and provide enough drinks and snacks for all participants.

Classroom without walls

This program is an advancement of our Reading Club and sees us providing fortnightly sessions where team leaders gather the children enrolled in the team leader's local school, to check over their school work, progress and implement the necessary extra tuition. The children participate in age appropriate lesson time, to go through their school work and update us on how they are coping in formal education. Donations to this initiative enable us to provide our children with extra tuition and assistance with their homework well as provide them with additional help books, literature and tools to enhance their capability when they're back in school

Health is Wealth

This program sees us register a child living in abject poverty for yearly medical insurance. Each child is registered to a set hospital, receives a medical card which covers an array of treatments and medication to benefit from at the one off yearly charge of 15,000NGN (42 USD). Donations to this initiative enable us to provide each child we enrol into formal education through our Back2School initiative, with a medical card. For the said year, that child will not have to pay for any medical bills, or medication (covered under on presentation of their allocated named card) and will receive treatment for free at our partnering hospital.

Eat Well, Dream Well

This program sees us provide monthly food packages and provisions for the poorest families. Donations to this initiative enable us to provide this much necessary support to those who would otherwise send their children to school on an empty stomach and who are currently struggling to survive on 1 meal a day. Our food packages are curated to be healthy and nutrition based so that such disadvantaged children can eat well and dream well. Donations can be made to support a family with our DOH Basic package which costs 15,000NGN (42 USD) or our DOH Family Package which costs 25,000NGN (70 USD).

A Mother's Dream/ A Father's Dream

This program sees us supporting the parents or guardians of our underprivileged children. We look to provide them with the chance to develop small business and skills acquisitions, equipping them with tools, stock and mentors in order for them to garner a sustainable future. Donations to this initiative enable us to provide individuals with all they need for a start up business, to regain their dignity and self-worth and feel a sense of purpose and achievement. A single start up for those we assist, who live in hidden Lagos, requires an average of 50,000 – 60,000NGN (139 - 167 USD) donation. Skills acquisitions and adult education enrolment costs 90,000 -110,000NGN (250 - 306 USD) per year donation.

Contribute to changing the life of a child in Africa

We are an NGO with activities directed towards meeting the needs of the most vulnerable and less priviledged. Our objectives include promoting the interest of the poor, providing them with basic social services among others.


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